Cyber & cloud security

our approach

Cyber and cloud security is no longer an option you can bypass, it is mandatory in 90% real market products!

Cloud security is the practice of protecting cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure from cyber attacks and cyber threats.

Where cloud security differs from traditional cybersecurity is in the fact that administrators must secure assets that reside within a third-party service provider's infrastructure.

As enterprise cloud adoption grows, business-critical applications and data migrate to trusted third-party cloud service providers. Most major CSPs offer standard cybersecurity tools with monitoring and alerting functions as part of their service offerings, but in-house information technology (IT) security staff may find these tools do not provide enough coverage, meaning there are cybersecurity gaps between what is offered in the CSP's tools and what the enterprise requires. Business leaders must balance the benefits of adopting cloud services with the level of data security risk their organizations are willing to take.