The metaverse opens up new possibilities

In the example of Cultural Places, they will offer a fully decentralized rewards program and a blockchain-based crowdfunding feature in addition to their platform features. We help our clients build a solid connection to their existing target group and provide new ways to expand reach and revenue. With their utility-backed NFTs, they bring together different countries and cultures. They build a community around cultural activities around the world. Token holders will be able to interact, meet, and get rewarded.

Utility cases for tokens and NFTs are our idea of how to build communities and fans sustainably. We reward users for their contribution to a system that is not bound to a single platform. $CPTC is integrating with the services of Cultural Places and can be integrated into any similar platform. After the creation of an NFT collection, sub-categories (so called “tiers”) for NFTs can be created, which carry different utilities. The division between partners, visitors, experts, and institutions can incidentally create a new network level that links competences.